{we survived!}

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

He survived! I survived! Kinder is over for Maddox! Was not so sure we would make it & at the tart of the year I was ready to pull him out & try again next year, but he hit a stride! He started reading, creative spelling/writing, counting by 1s/5s/10s. He is his own boy. Maddox is so unique from T & Britt who were reading pre pre-school. Maddox is our social & friendly boy. he loves to be a friend & has a huge heart. Shortly after January he started working with a tutor & right away he picked it all up! As if over night. He is quickly catching up to his big brothers. We are so proud of him! I have the sweetest friend who took Presley & Cooper off my hands on the last day of school so I could attend end of year parties at school. Maddox & I had a kindergarten picnic & visited with other sweet children & mommies. So excited this year is over! I have my finger crossed for a fantastic 1st grade teacher for this little guy! 

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