Thursday, June 11, 2015

This year Presley went to pre school. She found a best friend in Isabella. Isabella's sweet Momma texted me this morning & told me that She had planned a surprise birthday party for Presley! My heart melted! This year we will be driving 17 hours on Presley's 5th birthday. (I hate typing 5th birthday!) I had mentioned this to Kicha in passing one day. She remembered and planned a fun little pool play date. My heart is full. Presley needed this & even got the dark skin barbie she has wanted for her birthday! Have I mentioned here that Presley wants to be black? She wants to look just like her Isabella! I don't know why I love this so much! It makes my heart smile! Isabella is super sweet & I am grateful to her for all the love she gave our little girl at school. Presley is going to miss Bella & Kalen a lot! They are darling together! Presley was tickled by the whole thing! Kim watched Cooper & Maddox so I could go & celebrate with Presley. This week so many people have stepped up when i needed help. I hope they know how much I appreciate them! I have great friends! 

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Kim-the-girl said...

Oh, there are just too many cute pictures here! Seriously, love that little girl of yours! So glad people are taking care of you! Heaven knows you've done your fair share of taking care of people. Good luck when the day of departure arrives!

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