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Saturday, May 30, 2015

This morning I was vacuuming the blinds & baseboards & putting away the last of the laundry. I was busy. I washed out cabinets & washed glass doors. It was not until I finally was able to shower, & then blow dry my hair that it hit me. 2 weeks. 2 weeks till all this normalcy changes. This house is the house we have lived in the longest. Its home. So while I was chasing the damp from my hair, I cried. It different this time than last time. Last time i was leaving Taralyn, Tamsyn, & Laura. I was leaving a ward that had become my family. It was truly about the people with that move. This time its about life. We have built a life here. School, dance, lacrosse, church, scouts, piano, swim, sitters, grocery stores, neighbors, speech. It feels like I am starting all over again. I will need to find all these things all over again & I cannot wrap my head around how it will be even 1/2 as good. & the other part of it is...I never really even got over the move from TN. I still miss those sweet people. That ward was the most wonderful ward family. They took us med students in! Maybe that's just how it never really stop missing any place or people you consider to be home. Some good friends, the Snell family threw a going away party for the 5, complete with water balloons, pizza & cake. Everyone loved it. It was super hot so the water was a welcome relief. The littles were so warn out that they fell right asleep at nap time. The Snell family are incredibly generous. they have Tre over, & occasionally all our boys over almost everyday. Their son Brandon has become Tre's other half. They are always a pair. This move is gonna be hard. But momma keeps a big happy face on for the kids! I know in my heart that this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing! & that makes it all bearable. 

(Presley gives rolly polly bugs a thumbs up!)

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