{4th in Arizona}

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Its always just a blessing to spend a holiday with family. We celebrated the 4th with My parents. We were so glad to have Rod near too. After 3 weeks apart we were relieved to see him drive up to the house. We had a laid back morning & did some BBQ prep work for the evening. We dressed in our reds & blues & went over to Sarah & Charlie's house for swimming & hot dogs. Rod wore a cowboy hat in honor of our beloved Texas. we brought my mom's absolutely amazing peach cobbler & we made strawberry shortcake, corn dip (like our sweet neighbor Rondas') & cookies, brownies, sausage. We ate till we all swore we wouldn't eat anymore. We waited for it to get dark & bussed ourselves with vintage style Nintendo, duck duck goose, & Presley played with Omah's hair. We did sparklers & pop thingys in charlie & Sarah's drive way before we parted ways to go see fireworks. Rod & I took Cooper home to bed while My parents, who are super fun, took the boys & Presley to see the colorful displays. They hung out in Charlie's truck bed. They came home sleepy & happy. It was a happy 4th for sure. I loved getting pictures from our sweet neighbors back in Texas. The 4th was always so much fun on our street. We are a silly bunch & really enjoyed bike parades & fireworks that were probably less than legal. I miss home. I miss my friends. Celebrating with the Crosby family & my family definitely eased the pain. We had a great holiday weekend. As I type this Cooper is fighting bedtime & I sure hope that when we settle into our new home in 7 days that bedtime returns to a more manageable situation. This momma is beat! I'm going to go hold my baby. Because that just makes us both feel better. 

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