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Monday, November 04, 2013

Maddox went up to complete strangers at sundown telling them to smell his feet. Thanks to older brother, Britt, who taught him the charming rhyme "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat." Nice. It made for a few good laughs. Presley decided to hate trick or treating until she had a small collection of chocolates donated by sweet neighborhood children in her bag...then she hitched a ride in the double jogger & started to eat through her stash...then she was A-OK with the holiday. Tre thought it was a race to see who could get through all the streets in TB the fastest. Britton was lugging his filled to the top brown bag with one good arm refusing to let anyone take that bag of sweets from him in order to assist him. The boy meant business. Trick or treating is serious stuff you know. Last year Rod was gone for halloween, I was 3 weeks shy of having a baby & it was 1 billion degrees outside. This year it was a comfortable 77 degrees, I was NOT pre go...i know shocking! & My saintly mom was here to help do head counts. In fact all my neighbors were counting off my kids through the night too! How sweet is that?! We are a very blessed family! Not only did we have great company with Omah & neighbors, but also while knocking doors asking for treats or in Madd's case...for people to smell his feet...we also had an offer given to us by our good friends/neighbors the G. family that would allow the children, my mother & myself to visit Rod for a long weekend. I am anxious to go through the pictures from the past few days. Our hearts are full! 

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