Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving break looked a lot like this...

The children played a lot with each other & neighbors during the day. Natalie, Gabby & our houses became the headquarters or rainy days. We had a cold spell here in Texas & it kept the kids inside for about 3 days. The first day the kids did go outside was Tuesday afternoon & wouldn't you know it...Tre fell off a skateboard and broke...BROKE...his permanent front tooth in 1/2. I freaked out until I realized it was freaking him out then I took a deep breath & hugged him close and assured him it would be fixed! We called our friend Thad & he is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He stayed at his office longer to treat Tre. Tre trusts Thad so I could stay in the waiting room for most of the procedure while Tre was hopped up on gas getting it all repaired. He looks good as new now! Thank goodness Natalie took Presley for the afternoon. I couldn't leave her in the waiting room while i was logging around a baby and trying to calm a scared boy.  Complete craziness!  in the evenings the children have enjoyed watching old family videos and slideshows on the computer. its so sweet to see them watch themselves on the screen. It seemed to bring unity to our little crew here. they were telling stories that we have told them or telling stories they remembered. they were all cuddled up while watching themselves as babies. 

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allegra said...

gah!!! How scary and stressful. I'm so glad his tooth was put back together ok! So glad you have such amazing good quality friends it seems! And on a complete and random side note, I just have always loved those pics of you two on the side bar up top, with you holding your camera. You guys are just too cute:) Happy HolidayS!

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