{Mustang Island. Prt 7}

Friday, November 08, 2013

& this wraps it up.  The time we had on Mustang Island & at the Addison Bailey house have made for some unforgetful moments. I will always remember the boys falling asleep on the same couch while watching christmas movies (2 days after halloween). I will remember pancakes in the morning & the way presley smelled of syrup. I will remember  butterflies migrating to Mexico, sandy children & windblown hair.  I won't forget feeding the children Ice cream for dinner, dance parties & evening chats with my Mom & Rod.  I will not forget the kindness of our neighbors & their friends. 
Now to pay it forward. 
-the end-


allegra said...

Oh yay glad the comments are working now! Yesterday when I came by the letters below weren't visible to type in to prove you're not a robot.

Anyway, ok holy dream vacation!!! The butterfly pics are stunning, still can't get over the idea of such nice sweet friends, glad you got some hubby time, your mom is so sweet... they boys looking after each other melted my heart... you look beautiful as always... Anyway, SO glad you got this little getaway! Much deserved. Such a sweet fam you have.

Kim-the-girl said...

I have to agree, you totally deserve all the goodness that is given your way. You are such a spectacular family. We are blessed to know you.

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