{Mustang Island. Prt. 3}

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The sky in the mornings was a site to see. Britton is obsessed with sunrises & sun sets lately. He says "It is heavenly Father showing us he loves us." I agree. the children were eager to start each day while at the beach house. New surroundings really can be a welcome relief from the day to day tasks. The children discovered a secret hiding spot under the stairs (think harry potter) and in this secret spot they played house & legos & dominoes & puzzles. It was just big enough for our biggers to claim it their own fort. The children were less than pleased with us grown ups when we informed them no way were they getting into the pool or the ocean for a swim. But when they heard hot tub thats all they wanted to do. They soaked & looked at the fields and marshes around the house. I love the way a family trip can bring everyone together. the children talk to one another rather than seeking out friends from school or church or the neighborhood. I remember feeling that closeness when my brother and I shared a section in the family tent when we would camp in Canada or Maine. I hope the kids remember these moments too as they grow older.  Being from New England I crave sea food ...and not red lobster either. I'm talking freshly plucked from the sea. So while on the coast My mom & I decided we would find fresh sea food. We picked a really fun little place that looks like it could be swallowed up by water if the tide came up even a drop higher. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we ate up our fish and shrimp then drove past the fiery sunset & the fisherman that seemed to be everywhere. 

looking at these pictures make me miss the hubs. He is a good man that one & we are ready for his return. (but not ready for Omah to leave. can't we have both? plus an Opah & a Luca dog 
would be nice too.) Part 4. to come.


allegra said...

k, what a DREAM vacation!!! And such nice friends to let you stay there- it looks like such a beautiful house. And how do you look so youthful, rested and beautiful (hello NO bags under eyes even) with all those kids? You always look stunning. I'm so glad you got this little vacation away with the kids and hubs. I hope the time passes quick til he gets home.

allegra said...

k, and totally random... but that's genius to hang up little boys swimsuits by the liner like that! Hello why have I never thought of that before? hahahah. Thanks for the tips!

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