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Thursday, November 07, 2013

After our dinner out we went for a walk on the board walk next to the house to look at the migrating butterflies. The children climbed the tower & pretended Presley was their princess & they had to protect her. She liked that. The air was perfect & the sun was warm. The wind from the day before had died off. Presley stuck by her Omah's side & pointed out flowers. The gaps between the planks scared her and she walked cautiously. As I am working on these pictures I am thinking how lucky My brother & his family are to have my parents heading that way for Thanksgiving. Every special occasion or holiday just seems twice as sweet when my parents are there to share it. My Dad is is Canada freezing to death for work right now, and the kids keep asking if he is coming after work. 
If only. Sorry little Ss! (part 5 coming soon) 

Time with this one needs to slow the heck down. He will be 9 in a month & that just freaks me out! 

 Presley loves loves loves her Daddy. she plays hard to get with him. She is a comedian. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

Look at your gorgeous children all piled together! What a blessing they are! And I just love all these photos, you really have a gift.

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