{Mustang Island. Prt. 6}

Friday, November 08, 2013

I love catching moments of the children interacting. Tre looking after Cooper, Maddox laughing at Britton's jokes. I mean it when I say that everyday I pray that the children will be close. That they will depend on one another & love one another. That when one needs advice they will call the other, when they have good news they will be eager to share it with each other. Family is everything to us. (part 7 to follow. yup. 7.)


allegra said...

ooooh I love that yellow and white striped daybed! so darling!

Kim-the-girl said...

What a lovely post. I think you are doing it right, praying like it depends on God, and working like it all depends on you. You create such an atmosphere of love in your family. These memories will stay with your children forever. They are blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

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