{Friday night}

Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or treat is always a good time. The best part of this particular year was that Rod was able to come home for the weekend, which we had not anticipated. He arrived home 10 minutes before we had to head over to the church. He did not even change out of his scrubs after work because he was so eager to get back to the kids after a week away. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, & the kids were squeezing their way between us to join every hug. Presley was Presley, grumpy, which lead to a whole lot of laughter. Im so glad my friends can laugh along with me as my daughter grows through the threes. Its better to laugh than cry at these things I think.  The boys went through the car line more than three times. Cooper loved being perched on his Dad's shoulders. We arrived home after dark & the kids sorted through their loaded bags. So glad Rod was able to join us this weekend. 

I love seeing all our babies surrounding their Dad.

photo bombed by Keith
Maddox & his buddy, B.

Tre & his buddies N & J from the neighborhood/scouts/church/school

oh the fits. 

my friends are cute. Don't you think?!

Presley & her little friend, sweet C. 
& Cooper with his birthday twin (born 40 mins apart) baby J. 

Britton & cutie pie M.

wheres Waldo?


Austin said...

cutest kids!!!

allegra said...

what great costumes!! Such cute kiddos and friends!! And beautiful photos too. Ah, yes. The 3 year old fits. We see those lots!!! hahaha

Holly Jones said...

P's costume KILLS me it is so cute! I'm glad Rod got to join in the festivities with your kiddos!

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