{Mustang Island Prt. 2}

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

While trick or treating our neighbor, Derrick asked how much longer we had till Rod comes home. Its weeks till he can return. (lucky for me my Mom has come to keep me company for a bit!) Derrick asked if we had plans to visit. We got to chatting about how hard it is to find a place to stay where all the kids fit. He asked if we would be interested in staying at a beach house that sleeps 21. yes. 21. He told me to think on it & text his wife, laura after we were done trick or treating. After I washed the sugar off the kids and put them to bed I texted Laura to tell her we were interested in staying at the house. She got in touch with her good friend, the owner & set the whole thing up! 24 hours later we were settling in for a long weekend with Rod. It was a dream! I was teary eyed the whole weekend with gratitude to my sweet sweet neighbors & their friend, Dana. How kind to allow my family to stay at their beach house. Their beautiful beach house. We were comfortable & happy & best of all, together! It felt so good to fall asleep in Rod's arms & wake up to his hugs. The children took turns treating him like a jungle gym. We spent time at the beach (the house was right on the beach!) the kids ran around, & tried to dodge the waves (Maddox failed miserably as you will see.) Jellyfish had washed up on the shore & the kids searched for surviving ones. My mom, missing my dad, wrote love notes in the sand & sent him pictures via text. The Boys raced & Presley soaked up the sun. Cooper almost blew away in the wind, Britton wore a rubber glove to try & keep sand from his cast, & I tried to document every single second of it. I don't want to forget how happy the children were, I don't want to forget how kind people can be. This life is a good good life. (part 3 to come soon.) 


allegra said...

Such pretty pics!!! There is something so magical about sand and waves, isn't there? Looks like you guys had FUN!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

You are a really gifted photographer. Love your perspective. :) And how fabulous that you got to do this! It sounds like it was just perfectly what you needed!

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