{The 5th}

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Originally my mom was going to stay for a week, but then we were just having too much fun & time was flying by. She decided to change her flight out for a week later. Lucky us! On the 5th it was my mothers birthday. We decorated the house with pom poms & banners & I had ordered a cake in advance that i knew I could not make as good. The children gave Omah some bracelets in her favorite color & sang to her. I k ow it was not a big party, but I truly hope she felt loved. We were so glad to share her day. she deserves so much more than bracelets & bundt cake. We love her. 


Kim-the-girl said...

That must have been such a treat for everyone to have your mom on her birthday! I'm sure she couldn't ask for more.

marie said...

It was the BEST Birthday party ever! I felt so much love from all. My heart was full and Jenni and the kids were so cute in making sure I felt Special all day long. Love you! Mom/Oma

allegra said...

What a sweet birthday it must have been for her!! You're such a great daughter and take after her example of loving those around you.

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