Sunday, April 29, 2012

So apparently...Fiesta is a pretty big deal around here. Its been reported that it draws a bigger crowd than Mardi Gras!  Rod happened to be in the city for a lacrosse game with T on Thursday night. I had requested he pick up some sombreros for kicks. Rod came back with zero hats & a fun story of how crowded & insane the streets were.  He was brave to even attempt downtown. Thats love for ya!  School is even off for Fiesta here. Knowing this our little group of neighbors planned a block party. Complete with bouncy house, grilling, watermelon, cascarones (yeah I wasn't sure either till we moved here.) & a movie at nightfall.  After a bit of google searching I got bits & pieces as to why Fiesta is celebrated. Much of it has to do with preserving  Mexican tradition & culture. Much to do with history & some sites even noted that all the money raised by the fiesta kings & queens goes to scholarships. pretty neat.  Our first Fiesta was memorable! 



so that was Friday. & then come saturday Rod & I hosted our dinner group at our home. We had a Fiesta theme of course. Decorated the house all fiesta-ish & tucked the little ones in bed. We ate some delicious mexican food. Our sweet friends even remembered that onions kill Rod. He survived all the mexi dishes. yay for him! 
the pool opened this week & I am sure we will spending a lot of after school time there as T has no more paper homework assignments for the year. Bring on summer! 


Ava said...

Cute! What a fun neighborhood!

marie said...

Looks like so much fun! Fiesta!
Did Rod get some tamales?

Kim-the-girl said...

Amazing, that 4 hours up the road I've never even heard of Fiesta! Sounds pretty awesome, and I think I might need to sneak you into my suitcase when we go look for a house in KY, you have great taste in neighborhoods!!!

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