Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I took a few deep breaths, & told myself I could do it! I pulled out the swimsuits from everyones bottom drawers. We picked up some Taco Cabana & Orange Juice. Then we walked through the gates to the pool for the first time since last october. I was relieved to see my neighbor, Gabby there with her two. T & A had races & made canon balls over & over. Britt made his way from 1 foot to 5 feet with no hesitation at all. Maddox splashed about & through diving toys for S. My eyes were glued to the girl. Presley on first sight of the pool, looked very pleased. Like she had hit the jack pot. But as we stepped closer & closer to the pool she decided that maybe she was not as ready for this as she thought. So, even though I brought my camera to take pictures of the ended up being all pictures of she was the one I was most concerned about falling in.  We ate our takeout pool side & headed home tired & ready for bed. The youngest 3 are already sweetly dreaming. I love nights when they fall asleep quickly because of happy exhaustion.

hello self...change your settings for an action shot. duh. I guess i was still in worry mode about drowning children. but still fun to see T all smiles. even if fuzzy like woah.


Ava said...

Woah! That bathing suit on Presley is so cute!!! I was honestly tearing up, it is so sweet! Such a little princess. And the little wisp of bow tied in her hair. Such a cute touch. Glad everyone survived the pool experience :) You're one awesome mom!

marie said...

Love the pool pictures and Presley looks so cute inner bathing suit! WOW! Presley's hair has gotten so much lighter. Can't wait to swim with the kids in a few weeks. Cannonball here I come..

Kim-the-girl said...

You are brave! I hate taking my kids swimming solo. Too many of them to keep everyone safe.

allegra said...

oooh jealous of the pool!! My kids would be in heaven! She is such a little dolly in her cute suit! LOVE!!

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