Thursday, April 12, 2012

Presley wore white skinny jeans today, size 6-12 mo. non the less. The girl is the size of a lady bug. Maybe its because she adheres to a strict diet of apple,juice, brines, fruit snacks, & animal crackers. All other foods..she turns her nose up at. We try & try,but she has an insatiable sweet tooth! We picked the boys up from school & we went through back packs (check behavior charts to make sure the little dudes were good. & they were. & To admire the beautiful picture of a ninja Britt made & 100% paperwork Tre brings home very single afternoon.) & then I stripped Presley of her cute stain welcoming pants. Plopped the kids on the back porch & watched them get all giddy when I handed out otter pops in their current favorite colors. You see...I do not like sticky messes. So I do not ever buy things that make sticky messes. This was a big deal for my deprived children. I want to add that they were very tidy with their pops & even if they had not been, I truly enjoyed watching them suck down those sweet cold treats on a hot afternoon. Its these little moments I want to keep safe somewhere in my heart to pull out when Im old & gray (with 15 or so grandkids. I set the bar high! )

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Ava said...

That's funny! I can't stand the sticky and messy stuff, but those are the things that are always the most fun!!! Like playdoh!! I can't stand that stuff, but it's a favorite in our house. So the Popsicles, and chunks of playdoh in our dining room carpet win. I'll have a clean, mess free, stain free house when I'm old and gray. :)

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