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Friday, April 06, 2012


Monsters. I have a pair. They often are mistaken as twins. they are nearly the same height. Maddox will surely out grow Britton. These two are not the best at sharing so they have their own interests to avoid conflict. Britt is all about legos & ninjas & dress up & story telling. While Maddox likes to ride his bike (blue bike to be exact), play play doh, tell knock knock jokes, read books, blow bubbles. There is one thing these turkeys do well, and ilk ego do together.
In the past 22 hours these monsters have taken all their neatly folded, organized by item & color & size clothes from their closet hangers, drawer units & dresser & thrown them about their bedroom...and then proceeded to dump water on each & every piece of clothing (undies included) they wear. Lovely. I kind-a sort-a had a massive melt down at that point. It was 9pm, and I had put them to bed at 6:30pm. I cried in a pile of laundry. cried & yelled. not my finest hour by far, but momma was overwhelmed. So I tidied up the room changed the boys out of their layers of random clothes & back into their lightning mcqueen jammies. I left in a huff. I was confident they knew they had made a major transgression. I felt like I needed to snuggle them again & leave them to slumber with a kiss rather than a freaking out mother. so I went in to kiss the foreheads of my terrible duo...and wouldn't you know it..
they were back in the closet!
back to bed. They finally zonked out leaving me with an elevated heart rate & a pile of laundry I had not expected to do. Which leads us to today. Our morning was busy, but after lunch I slowed things down & put Presley down for a nap, Maddox in his bed for quiet time, & Britton I left in the living room with a pile of legos & a big brother named Tre who is very entertaining. I went upstairs to read & wipe down my bathroom. about 30 minuets pass & I hear Tre saying the boys spilled water. I guess maddox decided quiet time was not for him on his big bothers day off from school. I said okay & Id be down in a bit. Well when I did head down I slipped on a TON of water. & I mean a ton. My tile floors have never been wetter & on our couch was covered by 14 empty water bottles. Madds & Britt had dumped water all over the entry hall, guest bathroom, laundry room, coat closet. again..more laundry. I grabbed all the towels from the guest bath & began mopping up the floor while I made the boys clean up bottles & caps. I am on my hands & knees thinking....did they not get it last night when I turned into a crazy person last night sobbing in their bedroom? Monsters I tell ya! But I love them. Tonight at dinner all 6 of us were chatting & Maddox announced he is a the best nicest boy ever. This made me laugh. After a long 2 days, I still see them as the best boys... Even if they quadruple my laundry loads!



Ava said...

Oh my!! I want to laugh, I want to cry, I'm starting to get my stressed tensed up forehead! So many feelings right now! I have had days like that, and I am feeling your pain! Today was day 1 of 10 of the boys home for spring break. I am both excited and nervous. You never know what kids have up their sleeves! It's like they see your about to I crazy button and they jump on it! :}

Ava said...

About to go*, I meant

Kalen said...

Love those baby blues that your boys share!!! Some of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen! And it took me the entire post to notice Maddox's shirt!!! Love his SVC spirit! <3

marie said...

I must say I would have done the same thing! Cry, yell, yell and cry some more!! I guess they should sleep in their bathing suits with all that water. You still got to love those faces!

Tre needs to let you know sooner when they are not behaving.. Smile :-)

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh Jenni. Its moments (and days) like these that make me thankful I have a blog. I can't tell you the number of times my kids have created some sort of ruckus and I've been able to grab my camera and snap a quick shot before having a meltdown. It helps me to laugh. Of course, there have been plenty ( and I mean PLENTY) of times when I've just lost it on my kids... cry, yell, yell, yell, yell... yep, I need to work on that. :) Hope the monsters give their momma a little break tonight!

John, Amanda and Brinley Pierson said...

Oh Jen! I am so sorry! I did kind of laugh reading the way you explained all of the mayhem! You such an incredible mama! I can only imagine! I know how busy just one keeps me! You rock girl! Hugs!!!

Melany said...

Well to be honest, you make me jealous. Because I have these days EVERY DAY, this is my life! Who said having little girls was peachy ... Sorry but I have yelled for over a week now (school holidays and all lol) Mine pulled all the blankets out of the landry cupbaord, crushed biscuits and hot cross buns all over my 2 times vacuumed floor, draw with markers all over their arms, destroyed their bedrooms over and over, and I spank and i yell and I do time out and goodness me I'm warn out these days! Probably cause I'm carrying around twins and all ... but still, I so badly want nicely folded clothes, organised bedrooms, colour matched items, NO lego on my floor or IN my vaccum ... can you tell I'm tired! lol I just know how you feel, because everything you mentioned, seems like every 2nd day for me! Speaking of which, a certail little girls has just hung on a door handle and ripped it screws and all out of the door ... Daddy is going to be oh so impressed!

Over and out sistah, may the force be with you lol

Mels xox

Valancy Bastian said...

I feel your pain. Hang in there. I've been giving up the "clean" struggle since Russ is gone, but you do it all the time with your hubby away so much. I was just admiring you in church this week...all those little kids and you're so good with them.

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