{from nearly 4 years ago}

Thursday, April 05, 2012

I was telling our house guests today briefly about T having crazy curls. We keep his hair short these days, because he is closing in on 8...and baby curls aren't his thing anymore. Although every now & again when he gets all hot & sticky in the yard some little curls will find their way to the surface & they make me smile big & long. For old times sake I dug through my photo archive to find these gems of the golden fro...
I do miss those curls.
(ps: those curls are straight from his momma)




Kim-the-girl said...

SO cute! And I can't believe that we've been blogging friends for 4 years! Four years ago is when our husbands met and we stumbled upon each other... no wonder I feel like we're old friends!

Kalen said...

Looks like Presley got the curls, too. I noticed them two posts ago. I'm pretty confident between your family & mine, all of Brad's & my kids are going to have curls galore!!! :)

marie said...

WOW, I forgot how much Tre's hair had curls! I do miss those days and Maddox so cute on Tre's lap.
Love those boys!

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