Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rod bought our little lacrosse players a goal. They shoot, & run drills, & Dad teaches them new tricks. The big boys are getting pretty darn good. Maddox likes to hoard the balls in his huge Tonka truck & Presley likes to hang out on the net. Its family fun all around. All this increased use of lacrosse sticks reminded Rod & I of his coaching days at THS in Utah. He & those boys had a stellar season & had a big tragedy too, but they came together & we just love those boys. I always told rod to forget med school & go into teaching bio & coaching. He had such a blast coaching. But as you can see...a Dr. he be.

& II dug through the THS site & my old pictures & found plenty of orange from Rod's coaching days. I am really proud of Rod. He was super invested & really cared about that team. It gave me a glimpse at how he would be as a father someday. He is a good man.

The little coach Sclater. Tre dressed like his Dad, ready for a game.

(I wish someone had told me how to wear makeup 6 years ago. geesh. someone help a sister out! )
Baby T & I went to just about every game.

Gorgeous, no? I miss those mountains deeply!

as promised to my hubs, no pictures of him..well I kinda kept that promise he is the center speck below with khaki pants pacing in front of the boys. Head Coach Rod S. doing his thing.
well that was a fun walk down memory lane for us. we even got in touch with a few of the team mates to find them as return missionaries & happily wed. so fun.


allegra said...

i think you look great in that pic! but i agree, in high school and even my younger married years I just didn't have a clue with makeup. Actually if we're being honest I still am horrible with it. But you always look great. Wanna come give me a makeover?

So Timpview huh???! That's my school!! Did he go there or just coach there afterwards? Too cool.. small world:) Go T-birds!

allegra said...

2:07 am? what the? we're 3 hours different from you? It's only 11:08 here.

Kim-the-girl said...

I had no idea! That is super cool. I've got a friend here who coached lacrosse and she's thrown a few balls with me. Its fun, but tricky! That's awesome that your boys are getting practice so early!

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