{Final Fiesta}

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Fiesta was new to us 4 years ago.  We loved it from the start. We get together with neighbors at the circle and eat, play & sweat to death from the humidity spring brings to our city. Its hard to imagine not living on this street. We have lived in this house the longest of any. The children were all very much babies when we moved here, & we even welcomed another here. Texas welcomed us & we will be leaving a big part of us behind when we drive away. I loved How T & Avery made signs & how Gabby & Brian drew Annie freckles on Presley.  I love how much Presley loves Carson & Jordan. I did a lot of crying the other night when I began to think about how much these little children have grown & changed while we lived here. Ill miss seeing them riding scooters & bikes, & knocking at the door asking to play.  

to kick off the post...some old fiesta pictures...


& Now this years....

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