{not packing}

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I have only taken down curtains to wash & box them. That's all. I know why I am putting it off. I am not ready to wrap up our life here. Its been an extremely easy 4 years. The previous 4 had been so  wonderful & filled with my life long friends, but also they were incredibly hard & painful. I am a bit nervous of the next years that await us in our new city. I was praying one afternoon while Cooper napped & I received a strong impression that a challenge awaited us, possibly the largest of  our lives. That frightens me, but when I spoke to Rod about this he said a challenge doesn't have to be bad. It can create growth & maybe that's what our family needs. These promptings come to me now & again. They always come to pass & when I am obedient they lead me & guide me.  Moving is hard. for everyone. Today I had Cooper & Presley's little friends Wesley, Fiona & John over to play. Presley played hookie from school. I want to sneak in as much time with these sweet little friends as possible. This is the only home, church, schools, friends, that Presley & Cooper have ever known. Presley turned 1 only 2 weeks after we moved here. I hope they hold onto these happy memories. These children are truly joys in our lives. 
& I'm still not going to pack anything today. 
I'm running out of time, but that's okay because time with friends is just more important right now.  


Jen said...

Oh momma, I hear you. I do. I have packed virtually nothing because I am in major denial that our time in Florida is almost done. Sending hugs!

Kim-the-girl said...

Sending hugs your way.

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