{Avery's 1st}

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tre & Avery were quick friends. From the beginning they played so well together. Its easy to see they are both a bit more mature than their peers. So they just fit. Last Saturday Avery had her first communion. We were so excited to be invited to all the days festivities, including mass, which honestly, I miss the beauty in mass now & again. It was fun to take the boys & listen to their questions & then answer them. Avery looked like a dream all in white. T brought her flowers & the kids gave her an itty bitty necklace with her initial. I am feeling extra sentimental and bring my camera everywhere these days. I am glad I was able to capture so many of the families we live with here in our part of the city. The love felt for that little girl was thick & strong! 

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