{first best friend}

Friday, May 29, 2015

This is Issabella. Presley's very dearest & best friend. They love each other so much. If one of them is missing it has been told to us that the other is quiet & walks around looking for the other all day. Presley wakes asking for her beautiful friend & as of last week she really REALLY wants to look JUST like her. I about die of laughter overtime Presley asks to have dark skin too. Poor dear. It does not work that way. I love how simple the world is to children! This little girl will be missed so so much when we move. Just today Her momma & I were chatting about how sad it is we won't be able to watch their friendship grow with them. I hope these two best friends will remember each other always. I know I remember my very first best friends & I think of them often. I feel like Isabella has done wonderful things for Presley. Isabella is sweet, while our little sissy is sassy. That sweetness has rubbed off on pres a lot. I am so glad Presley has found such a darling friend in her first year of school. 

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