Friday, May 29, 2015

Each year the kinder teachers & staff throw a fairy tale ball for the littlest students of HOE. The children dress as their favorite fairy tale character & dance with classmates & mommies & daddies. They make paper crowns decorated as they wish. Maddox followed in Britton's footsteps & wanted to represent Jack & the Beanstalk. He was the beanstalk & then we printed out a photo of him climbing a tree, cut it out & voila! Its Maddsy climbing Maddox the beanstalk. He thought it was the best. It was darling watching him & Philip & Pierce playing together. Rumor has it that those 3 are the ring leaders of the class. They kept yelling " lets scream hug!" they would hug each other & scream. It was hilarious. Then they asked to take a selfie with Philip's Mom's phone. what a riot those 3 are. 

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