Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tre was selected for Battle of the Books again this year. I tell ya. He is just too much! He really outdid himself this year! I thought he was incredible last year! But this year he took on all kinds of leadership rolls at school! He keeps us busy with all his academic achievements. I still need to sneak into the main office at the school to take a picture of T next to the piece of art he made that is now framed in proudly hanging right near Ms. Jane's desk.  I was sweating to death by the end of the battle, not due to suspense. oh no! Due to a certain 2 year old who was 100% sure we needed to go to Target right then! He was on fire about it! I think his plan was just to leave me & Sissy behind & walk there on his own if I wasn't going to take him immediately. He kept making a run for the exit! I should be really really skinny chasing him as much as I do.

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