Thursday, May 28, 2015

I look at these guys at the end of another lacrosse season, Brittons 1st season & I feel so proud! They learned so much. Tre was a captain & lead his team in warm ups & encouraged the new or younger players. Britt gave it all he got too, with a few moments of butterfly chasing. He wouldst be Britton without a bit of daydreaming. I am most proud that they each decided to again skip games. All games are on Sunday in the leagues here. We even petitioned a change, but alas it was a no go. So they went to every practice & then kept the sabbath day holy. The team missed their best player at those games, but Tre knew he made the righteous choice for himself. We will miss playing with these kids. It has been a great run. We always pictured T playing goalie at Reagan HS, but we trust that Heavenly Father's plan for us is so much better than our own! Our new home has some great leagues too for youth & the games are not on Sundays! The boys, particularly Tre are very excited. Next Year Madds will be old enough to play! He cannot wait! 

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