Sunday, June 03, 2012

We woke up at 8:30 this morning. That has not happened in almost 7 1/2 years. Miraculous really. The boys started their big adventure to Arizona with Omah & Opah before the sun even rose. We of course love them so got up & helped ready the 3 for the trip. Complete with comfy clothes, favorite teddies & every electronic device we own. Growing up my parents always had surprise busy bags on our seats for long drives. It was fun to see that awaiting them on their boosters was a busy bag filled with snacks & activities and books. My parents are always touching my heart. They love these boys deeply. The boys were excited to get on the road, but first Rod & I stole kisses & made them hug us. My Mom has sent me photo updates all day & that has made this a whole lot easier. after the boys drove out of site Rod & I crawled back into bed. I of course could not sleep, but eventually I convinced my body to let me. leading me to 8:30. When I woke up...and get this..on my own. insane. I went to the nursery to get my quiet daughter. She was happily lining up her baby dolls on her pillow. I squeezed her & we headed down stairs. She bounced in my arms & started to "woof woof" thinking that Lucca would be up with her Omah & brothers...but instead she was greeted with something she has never experienced before...silence.  
 She looked around and she took about 20 minutes before touching her toast & juice. She was waiting for the boys. Needless to say they never arrived. Rod & I kept her busy at church & after her nap we strolled her around the block. Shew is now in bed & I am certain still confused as to where Omah, Opah, Lucca, T, Britt & Madds are. Thats a lot of people to disappear all at once!  I made sure to snap a few pictures before they left..and then I realized I had a gazillion iPhone pictures to dump on here. some of the big boys on our outing to a BBQ. Rod was afraid to bring all 4 so my parents kept the two smallest & we took the two biggest. They were perfect gentlemen! On the way home they were being the best of pals. It just about killed us, so we took some pictures via mirror so not to let them catch us watching them be good. & for dinner we took a vote and we all agreed we would have strawberry shortcake. we had done this before too...just over a year ago. SEE HERE.  Its fun to shake it up now & again. I also have thrown in some last week of school pictures. I had zero intentions of typing this much...just placing pictures...looks like I got a bit wordy. 



Kalen said...

If Maddox loves strawberries he will love this...

I made it for dessert last night for our weekly dinner with friends. It was a huge hit & oh so easy (I was able to finish it just in time before Norah woke up for a diaper change). :)

And I am amazed at how well you are doing with the boys gone. I would be losing my mind!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

What a treasure this time will be for the boys and your parents and for you and Presley to have some serious time together. Enjoy!

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