Monday, June 18, 2012

whats funny is that I am right at this very moment telling myself to use quiet time to read & tinker about, twiddle my hair, whatever. Rather than clean the bathroom down stairs & the two upstairs. I am telling myself I can get it done when the little ones wake from their napping. (which is not going successfully today i might add.) But realistically i know, just as any other Mom, that nothing REALLY gets done when the kids are running with light sabers swatting here and there. Its just not conducive to accomplishing much. But, Im going to go ahead & live in my make believe home & continue under the delusion that 3 tubs, 3 toilets, 1 shower stall, 3 tile floors, & 5 sinks along with 6 mirrors will be squeaky clean come evening time. 
Todays nap time...or not napping time...

We have been playing a lively and long lasting round of...
I throw it all out, you fetch it. 
ever play before? 
she's so proud of her self, silly Presley.


Kalen said...

Love her curtains! I just bought grey sheets to make a set for Norah's room... haha... I don't know when I think I'm going to make them, but I have the materials. That's something, right?

allegra said...

yeah, cute curtains! love them. she's too cute. they do play games with us:) Ruby has been big into crawling out of her crib lately and hiding from me so I don't know she's not napping. Smart little stinker! I'm glad you got some alone time with her while your parents had the boys! I bet it was fun to just soak it all in. Your parents seem so sweet!

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