Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Its just me & our girl. The boys are in Arizona with my parents, the man works hard for his family. 
leaving just the two of us. 
We play dolls, and with my jewelry, we take morning walks, we cuddle, we read the same 3 books over & over. & sometimes like to go play outside in the evenings when the heat is not as fierce.
Tonight we picked flowers. because we are girls. 
I love her gappy teeth.
just like I loved Britt's bumpy head & Madd's huge ears.
There is something endearing about these features.
Someday she will outgrow it & Ill miss that silly smile. Just as I do Madds' big ears. which he has since grown into very well. sadly. 



allegra said...

How fun to have some special one on one time! Love the beautiful pictures and love her curls! She is so cute.

Kalen said...

ahhh... you're a better person than I am. High grass freaks me out (because of bugs... primarily ticks). I always love the look of the pictures, but it would take a lot for me to play in it!!! That bug IS creepy!!

I can't believe Presley is turning 2! Where has the time gone?? And look at those eye lashes & rosy cheeks. The girl is never going to need a spot of make-up! LUCKY!!

Meghann said...

What pretty pictures! I love her tiny little pearl bracelet--so precious!

Kim-the-girl said...

You are such a good girl mom! My poor Eliza is going to be as Tom Boy as we can get her. :) Enjoy this time! If you feel like going on a little road trip, you could bring her up to see us. :)

Melany said...

Great Photo's jenni, Love the bug lol She is a super cutie !!

Tamsyn said...


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