Friday, June 01, 2012

Oh my heck boy! You are 5! It is no secret that YOU hold a special & dear place in my heart. Maybe its because you look just like your Dad with the around face & big smile...except Daddy has more teeth than you...for now anyways.  Maybe its because you will stop mid play just to say "Mommy I love you sooooo sooo sooo soooo much!" & throw those string bean arms around my neck. I think I worry about you too much. You spend much of your time upstairs in your playroom buried in lego creations. You are quiet & independent. T is older & needs help with activities & projects often. Maddox is younger & well..he can be pretty demanding of my time, & you are great at understanding that. & Presley is still a wee thing and needs help with most everything. Leaving you to kind-a float about. But I want you to know that not a second passes that I do not think of my Britty. Because you are just charming & tender & I feel so very blessed & honored to be your mother. Now Britton, YOU have done great things this year! YOu went to pre-school, made friends, started to read & you finally hold your pencil the correct way after many lessons & laughs from Mrs. H. & myself. I see your talents & your strengths & I get so excited for you! Big things await you darling. You love pizza & watermelon. You love all things Ninjago. You still sleep with moose, but do not seem as attached to your sleepy blankets these days. You love to draw and create. You love a good snuggle & you drink water like its going out of style. good golly I love you! 
Today was your Birthday & you are now sound asleep on top of your covers sorta sideways with one leg dangling off the bed. I will move you under your covers before I tuck myself in for the night. Today you woke up and instead of the french toast I wanted to make you, you decided eggo waffles was your desire. & So Eggo waffles it was for you, complete with watermelon & strawberries. No syrup. You opened a present at Breakfast & was thrilled to have a new lego set. You eagerly awaited lunch because you knew another lego set was coming your way at 11:00. 11:00 came and so did another present. We then strapped on our shoes and slipped on our suits and walked to the pool to play & get good & wet. We ate lunch poolside than headed home for some rest & naps for your little brother (who is about the same size as you by the way) & your baby sister (whom you lloovvveee to bits!)  after our rest and some play with Omah & Opah's Dog, Lucca outside we waited for Daddy to get home to eat dinner. I made BBQ meatloaf for you because I know you like it. We had some of your other favorites too. Omah helped me clear the table and Daddy helped light your birthday candles. we sang happy birthday to you & you blew out the candles and you  worried that the legos were ruined, but we washed them for you & they are no worse for wear! It is NOT mommy's finest cake, but it was tasty & it was exactly what you asked for so you were pleased. I am learning to listen to your wants instead of molding you by my silly preferences. Its your birthday after all! you want got it! After cake all 4 of you kids got a royal wipe down leaving only a few crumbs on your shirts and cheeks. Presley went to bed & you & T got to work on unwrapping not 1, not 2 , but 3 big lego sets all for you! Your face was so sweet! You were thrilled. Then we brought out your new big boy bike & you did not care one lick. YOu wanted to build legos! So the bike was put in the garage & you & T picked out what set you would build first. It was a helicopter. So fun! Maddox was being a silly pest, but you kept your cool. You stayed up will 8:45 which is so super late for you & after family songs & prayers & 2 more songs while you laid in bed, you & Maddox were out cold! YOu said it was the best birthday ever. I hope you really felt charished by all of us. I know having Omah & Opah here made it a gazillion times more special. We love you Britty! & Just like I whisper in your ear each day... "You are my special boy!"
& here are some pictures of your 5th birthday dear... you will notice how cute you are with your two missing front teeth! 

I love you Britton soooo soooo soooo sooo much! 
have a great year! 
xoxox, Mommy

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Ava said...

Ninja legos! They're my Logan's favorite too. Legos, in general, are a big hit here too. My boys would love that cake too.
I adore your daughters curly hair! So pretty!
Hope you're enjoying your quiet time without your boys. You must not even know what to do with yourself!

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