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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its the end of another school year. I had been counting down the days since spring break. There is just something about not setting alarms (even though I have early risers) and wearing jammies till noon, time for hot breakfasts any day of the week & living in swim suits. I was always a winter kid growing up. I loved the holidays, my birthday, the brightness of the snow, the school cancelations...but now as a mom, I live for summer. The kids play all day and crash hard through the night. There seem to be a lot more hours in the day for dance parties and movie nights with popcorn & cuddling. I have officially converted to summer. Which works out good because there is no winter here in Texas. So its finally here. No more school for T & Britt. Maddox will continue his therapy sessions through the summer, and he is one happy camper about that. I can't imagine pulling him away from Ms. F. for 3 months. We love her & all she has done for our little Madds/family/me!

My Mom and Dad are just the best around. They were here for the first day of school, and are here for the end of school. They made the boy's last week something very special! My Mom joined T for lunch at school one day & walked Britt to the bus stop. My Dad has thrown Maddox in the pool no less than 100 times & my parents tell presley she is pretty when she shows them what she is wearing (which is hilarious by the way. I have to catch it on film. she even goes up to strangers rubs her dress and smiles and waits to here "so pretty." ) 

The kids were all decked out in their hawaiian gear that Omah & Opah picked up from well, hawaii. We thought it was funny/festive  for the last day of school. 

So heres the last day run down...
1. Britt's ice cream party for Pre-K with story time, and fun games. Teachers gifts distributed.
2. my 5 second poster for the front door was a hit when we pulled up to the house after school.
3. when I was growing up my mom always had a new summer outfit  and summer gift waiting for us on the last day of school. I loved it and still have those moments imbedded in my heart. Loved those plaid blue shorts! loved them! I wanted to do the same tradition with ours & so they got play clothes and flip flops. T got Lax gloves, Britty got a ninjago something-of course, and Maddds got bubbles, Presley got bracelets.
4.we were treated to a pizza dinner by Omah & Opah.
5. The boys climbed walls and were bouncing all over the place with excitement.
6. Presley was a royal grumpy girl, darn teeth.
7. Thus presley was put to bed early & she was thrilled about it. no really. she started giggling when I put her in her crib!
8. Rod watched the girly and some Lacrosse, while my parents and the boys & myself went swimming with 1/2 the neighborhood till 8:30. It was a gorgeous night & we had a blast. Opah was a human jungle gym & maddox is an awesome diver!
9. The little boys dried off and put on jammies & were asleep in seconds. T stayed up and ate ice cream from the carton & read on his kindle till his little eyes could not stay open any longer.
10. We are all happy its finally summer break.

here are this years teacher gifts.I made a few & the tags read "I couldn't have picked a better teacher! "  My talented sis in law Kalen usually makes the sweetest necklaces for the teachers, but she recently welcomed baby Norah into the family & I was not about to bother her with necklace making! I got this idea HERE! 

Britt & his little Buddy Gabriel. He lives just down the street & we love when he comes over to play. They had a great Pre-K year together!


grump-bump getting extra love from Opah. He knows how to calm our babes! 
Maddox and opah comparing shoe size. 

& to the pool we go...

omah & Opah smooching! 

last day of school..why not eat a tub of ice cream? 
late night reader...

and thats the end of the end...only after a gazillion and one pictures. 


Kalen said...

LOVE!!!! I love everything about this post! As a mom now, I can really appreciate the picture of Opah with Presley and how he's oh so good at calming our babes. He was a lifesaver the first couple of nights when we were home. He learns all there is to the little ones & calms their little hearts.

LOVE the teachers baskets! What a precious idea!! So so cute!

LOVE the pictures of Omah & Opah! Too sweet!

And LOVE the Hawaiian clothes! I can't wait until Norah is old enough to fit into hers (I keep saying that about clothes, when in all honesty I can wait forever... it breaks my heart to see that she barely fits into Pampers Newborn diapers... thank goodness for Huggies. They fit like a charm! And keeps this momma another day from crying her little eyes out that her baby is growing up).

Ok, now that I have created a blog post within a blog post, I will stop. :) Just wanted to say I love your blog! :)

Amber P. said...

You always touch my heart. I'm so happy I know you and that I continue to learn so much from you! Happy summer to y'all!!

Kim-the-girl said...

Wow. Always leave me speechless with your amazing ways. Wish we could have seen you one more time before we head to KY... but so glad you get to spend time with your parents!

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