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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

what usually happens when I go to church solo with the 4. (Rod's schedule is ugly right now. we don't get him on sundays often. I guess people still get sick on the sabath.) We find a quiet room with a speaker so I can listen & they can color. believe it or not it is tricky to keep the younger ones happy and still & quiet completely on my own. 

Guess who is getting her Momma's curls after all? Im rather pleased. 

lots of this pool side these days. yum.

Maddox owns our electronics by day. my phone, my iPad, Dad's iPad, Tre's kindle, Tre's iPod. 
its all his...or so he thinks. & we don't fuss at him about it. he's a good fella. 

Presley is bananas about puzzles. she sits for an hour at a time & has her own way of completing the puzzle over & over. each time the same way. clever girl.

Britt is not a fan of car washes. too loud. 

this activity days rock star mom & daughter dinner has consumed my last 2 weeks. It was a fun karaoke filled night. I was sure grateful Rod was willing to sacrifice sleep before a night shift in the ER to care for the 4. He is a good man.

May is packed. My calendar looks crazy. Ill be one happy camper when summer vacation starts & my chicks can stay in the nest. 


Ava said...

Cute pictures! I really love Presleys curls! Adorable!
Our boys are good at sitting still and quiet at our meetings, as long as they have pencil and paper. My husband is good at keeping them in line. But then and only then! Everywhere else they bounce off walls like crazy goons!

Kalen said...

I have a strong feeling Norah will get the curls, too... it's inevitable, really, being that Brad's gets a bit curly when it grows out. I guess time will tell. :)

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