Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Britton's eviction date was June 1st almost 5 years ago. The poor dear has waited patiently all school year for his turn to bring in a treat & have his classmates sing a song to him. Well I did not have the heart to explain that part of being a summer babe is not celebrating at school so instead I emailed his teacher who was very understanding & we organized a day & time for me to bring in a treat for Britt's class. I stopped at the store and picked up 4 boxes of what Britt refers to as "christmas brownies" because they are a special treat. Since I was not allowed to bring in a homemade something I thought he would get a kick out of the brownies & that his teachers would be thrilled to see anything but messy cupcakes! Watching Britt sitting like such a good boy as I walked into his classroom carrying what felt like the heaviest bowl of brownies ever, just melted me. Such a  good boy. We sang to him, he smiled, the pre-k-ers ate "christmas brownies" they sang some cute songs before closing up the school day. I took the boy home with his back pack strapped on. He felt very special on his un-birthday. 

& on a totally different unrelated note...
I was taking pictures of a super cute babe tonight & this babe's brothers were over playing with our 4. Rod handled it perfectly. After dinner Rod headed up the stairs to sneak away & clean the playroom that I had just scrubbed down yesterday. He & Maddox were cleaning & when Rod finished Maddox paid Rod for a job well done. He is such a comedian. He knew he was going to get some laughs out of that one. 

We are prepping for end of school, birthdays & the boys are going on a trip with Omah & Opah. what am I going to do boy-less? Presley & I are going to have to keep busy! 


Ava said...

Some boyless time! So lucky, Jenni! :) What sweet parents you have! Last summer my parents asked to take our boys for a week. It was the longest I'd ever gone without seeing them. Only once otherwise had I woken up and gone to bed one day, without seeing them! I cried for the first 4 or 5 days! It wasn't until the day before I went to pick them up that I finally realized all the things I could do that I was always saying "If the boys weren't here, I could..." So silly of me. :) My parents plan to take them again this year. I know I will miss them again, but also now know I'll survive.

Kalen said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. You really go above and beyond for your little ones! Britton is so lucky to have a mommy who thinks of the little things like birthdays at school! <3

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