{We've never had a little girl...}

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rod picked the big boys up from school. Maddox and I started to watch Annie. I was not confident that my 3 year old son would be interested in a bunch of little girls singing about how its a hard knock life. I was wrong. He was intrigues, as was Britton when he returned home with back pack in tow, & Presley obviously loved it---music and girls...her kind of flick! She stood in the middle of the floor watching until the songs would begin and then she would twirl and shake what her momma gave her.  Britt and I got a big kick out of the song "We've never had a little girl" mostly because he was old enough to be enchanted by a baby sister from the day she was born. So we can relate. She is as girly as they come and really knows how to put on a show. We enjoyed the evening hours outside. she made faces, I took pictures of her faces. I wish she were a twin. I could do two of her! 


Kim-the-girl said...

What a fun way to spend the afternoon/evening! She is such a doll! There were a couple shots that she really reminded me of Rod... do you get that often?

Ava said...

I can only imagine how wonderful every moment is with a gorgeous little girl in your family, especially after all the boys! :)
I found out the other day that someone I know is pregnant with a girl and I spent the rest of my day moping and teary like a big old baby. I love my boys, but a girl would just be a dream come true. I hope that I either get my girl or stop being such a big baby about it. My poor boys! I do love them too! :) Lol

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