Monday, November 28, 2011

My Mom & Dad are super stars! My dad booked us an amazing suite (Rod joked taht he thought the President slept there the night prior.) with all the lovely fixings. & While Rod & I were living in the lap of luxury for 2 days My parents were chasing our 4. The Children love them!
Rod & I did not go far, just 30 mins into down town

& out of the suburbs.
We rode the water while looking at all the twinkle lights along & over the river. Christmas music was playing & we had hot chocolate. Having these moments alone with Rod really brings me back down from all the running around & the busy busy go go go life that has become mine. I am grateful to have those moments with him.

& for Dinner we ate at our favorite place here.

Thanks to Aimee & Thad it was not only delicous, but free too!


Now its back to reality. Kidsa re back in school, christmas tree is up (video/pics to come soon), turkey left overs are gone, Mom & Dad returned home today (Maddox is pacing the house asking for them) & christmas & THREE sclater birthdays are! It was a fantastic week to say the least!


marie said...

Two love birds xxoo

Hill Family said...

you r blonde?!! I'm glad that you had such a great low-key just what Maddox wanted birthday. It really sounds like the perfect day.
Cut shots of you and Rod. Jealous of your romantic weekend together. I refer to residency as the time we are a "doctor's widow" hahahah

Kalen said...

So, it cracks me up that you still use the top shutter button on your camera when you turn it sideways even though you have the extra one on your battery pack... I do it, too! I RARELY ever use the extra button/grip.

Tom and Jane Schell said...

Loved the pictures! Glad you got some well deserved time together. It is definitely priceless at this stage in life.

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