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Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Britt plays, its almost always with legos & he almost always sings songs he learns in Primary. This week his hymn of choice has been "I Love to See the Temple." He sings quietly, but his little voice (which is only little when he is singing wilst playing-by the way. )makes it down the stairs & into the kitchen. Its the prettiest sound.

I needed to go to the temple grounds to take some photographs. The day was busy! school x2, errands, T's pal's birthday party, pictures, & a 2 hour primary program practice! But with my non stop day, everything seemed to stop & be still for that hour I was at the temple.
Because of the busy afternoon for T & Britt, Britt was in tow to the temple. He was a typical 4 yr. old boy outside. Running. & Being all but revrent. BUT, I am glad he was there with me.
Having a temple in view from our house & just 5 minutes up the street is a huge blessing.

what is the temple? read HERE


Kim-the-girl said...

Its so great taking the kids to the Temple grounds. They remember, even if they don't know how important it is at the time, they remember.

Tom and Jane Schell said...

Jenni, you are such an inspiration! No matter what, you always see the good :)

allegra said...

that is so sweet he sings his little primary songs! what a cute kiddo. you're such a cute mom... i need to visit our temple grounds more often. p.s. no those boots were from Hanna Anderson! American Eagle has a kids line?! Is this new? I'll have to check it out:)

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