Thursday, August 13, 2015

The desert is hot. 105 is typical these summer days, but as they say its a "dry" heat. & it really does make a difference. Its easier to play outside with out becoming dripping wet! We live on a circle. The children love just being able to open the garage door & ride bikes & scooters. Our circle has beautiful flowers & homes. I really enjoy sitting outside while the kids burn some energy. We were super lucky to watch the Shawver children on Audrey's birthday. Their girls are really funny! Madeline is a lot like Maddox. Charlotte is much like Presley & Baby Annabelle is just so incredibly pleasant like Cooper. My children are baby hungry & loved having a baby & friends over. Its nice having people we love & trust just up the road! Its a comfort for sure! & even though I would never ask them to watch our crazies Its nice knowing they are there & willing if we need them! 

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