{9 kids & 2 sitters}

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Last night we made the drive south to our dear friends house. We brought the kids with us because finding a sitter has been a bust here so far, & it was a Wednesday night which meant mutual for the teenagers here. Kim & Travis arranged for 2 girls to sit all 9 of our children! We had to put name tags on each child before leaving for an adult dinner out. We went to an inside racetrack & the boys raced each other. It was fun. Kim & I chatted about babies & way back when. It was nice to have some girl talk. Then Travis took us all out to dinner. We ate Mexican & had a great time. After stuffing ourselves we returned to the house & all 9 kids were happy & playing. Kim broke out chocolate & marshmallows & we had dessert with kids fire side. The night was wrapped up with stories for the girls & table hockey & table soccer for the boys. I really wish we were only 5 minutes away from the Keys rather than 35. I really love their children & them! There home had such a happy spirit about it. the kids are already asking to return. Especially Madds who I am pretty sure has a crush on Ms. Kim! 

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