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Monday, August 24, 2015

Cooper-Mama's buddy

Everyone did super well at drop off. The school playground had music playing to get the kids all pumped up. teachers were dancing. It was super cute. Thank goodness Omah was here to help me find where each kid was supposed to be! Its so funny going to school 90 minutes later than we did in Texas. We now have time together in the morning. Its so much more relaxing. Scripture study & prayer is at the table instead of in the car! I hope the children are happy & making new friends! I am eager to see their faces! 

The boys were being silly & copying their sassy little sis! 

Tre is so lucky to have 3 buddies from church in his class! 

1 comment:

allegra said...

what a lucky lady to get all those brothers looking out for her at school. so cute. :)

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