{Madd's turn!}

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poor Maddox. Because he is baby #3 he always seemed to be dragged from activity to activity for big brothers. This year is his year! Yes it will mean a whole lot more driving & a fuller calendar, but seeing how excited he was tonight at his first ever soccer practice will more than make up for it! He was thrilled & did so well listening & learning! I love that he is on a coed team with Audrey & Cameron's little Madalyn! Those two!  Maddox is going to love these next few months of Soccer! I love this boy. He look so much like my Grandpa! The ears, the smile. The other kids played at the playground & sand box. They were all super tired after their 2nd day of school.  Tre will have Lacrosse starting up again soon, Maddox & Tre & Presley will have dive try outs in a week & Presley starts gymnastics next week too, Britt well...he is not sure what sport he wants to try next. He did good with lacrosse, but he never really loved it like his Dad. Britt is old enough for scouts now so that will be fun for him, & Tre is a web this year. Piano is just around the corner again for the kids too. I love watching these babies find their strengths & talents! 


Kalen said...

Norah starts gymnastics again next week. It has been too long since she belonged to a gym. It fits her... dance was too much, but she loves going to the "workout place."

allegra said...

Yay!!! Such cute action shots. He is so handsome!

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