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Monday, August 31, 2015

I found my "place" in this busy city. Its in the mountains. When Rod & I were first married we would drive through the canyons of Utah on Sunday afternoons after church. I especially loved doing this during the fall months when the mountains looked as if they were aflame. After Church yesterday we put comfy clothes on & drove just 20 minutes to Mount C.  The temperature was 20 degrees cooler & perfect. We climbed out just to feel the cooler air on us. We have been struggling to adjust to 105 + degrees everyday. Being in the mountains felt good. I see many visits in the years to come.


Kalen said...

Reminds me of New Hampshire!

Kim-the-girl said...


allegra said...

Beautiful pics! The mountains are always a good idea when you're looking for peace. I love them. I miss those sunday canyon Utah drives too. The best

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