Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We are so so spoiled! We have had visitors almost non stop since we moved here. We have needed these visits! This move was pretty hard on us. Sunday our sweet little babysitter from Texas texted to ask if she & her Mom & Grandma could stop in on Monday. Heck yes! So they drove in & spent the day with us. We loved it. The kids were their usual crazy selves for poor Ashley. Sadly Laura could not make it. We sure missed her. Ashley was so sweet to make the rounds with the kids. Cooper had wanted to play cars with her & she made sure to set up a big track for his cars. She swam & raced with Tre & Maddox & gave hugs to my grumps of the day-Britt & Presley. We tried to keep her! I don't know how we will ever find another pair of sitters as loved by our kids! Cooper was so sad to see his Ashley go. 

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allegra said...

Awe she seems SO great!! Good babysitters are treasures. We had an amazing sitter yesterday as we made the 2 hour trek to temple and back- she was so nice, kind, amazing! Yours seems like part of the fam. So neat. I am so sorry the move has been hard! Hang in there girl

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