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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

 In the morning after all 7 children had eaten a donut or three, we drove into the city to meet up with Gabby & Brian. We visited lots of the different resorts & even saw animals, dolphins, gardens, fountains & drank lots & lots of water! It was hot outside! The children all handled it so well! Dads took turns carrying the littler ones. There is so much to see here. Saying goodbye this time was different. It felt more like see you soon. I know we will. I am so grateful for the love the Woolards show our family. They always took a little hand in theirs or helped where they could. We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in our  lives! I love them so much! 


Kacee said...

That is so awesome!!!! Gabby and Brian are the best. :) We miss you!

Kalen said...

Beautiful! I learned recently that there is a company that runs the gondola rides here in the Dallas area and in Vegas... I had a photo shoot at the location in Irving (but, I saw no gondolas). Guess I'll have to go to Vegas to ride them. haha. Oh, and I am totally down for a visit... ANY TIME!! I told Brad since we can't afford to all go to Craig's wedding (sad face), that I deserve a vacation & I think your place would be perfect!! I'm going to need a baby sitter and a friend to take me to see The Beatles' Love, though! Who is up for the taking?? ;)

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