Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When we figured out we were heading to our new city the part that excited us most was having the Keys family in the same area. We live on opposite sides of the city, but we really really hope to get together often. I love that Rod has Travis here. Rod was so busy in San Antonio that he never really got out with friends. Things should be very different here. Travis & Rod should get time to golf. That makes me very happy. Rod has worked so hard the last 8 years through medical school & residency. Its about time he have some fun! Travis' birthday was Monday so on Saturday we had our sweet friends over (to our VERY undecorated house) to celebrate his birthday. We did the Texas taco thing & cake. The kids played super well together. & I got to visit with Kim & Rosemary, Travis' mother who is just so fun. The kids loved Kim. They just thought she was the coolest! I am so grateful to have these wonderful friends so near by! Kim is pregnant with their 5th so between the 2 of our families we have 10 kids! Our get togethers will never be dull & I hope there will be many. We just need to live in the same neighborhood! Now that would be wild & fun! 

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allegra said...

That's got to be so fun for all those kids to have playmates! 10 kids - such an adventure!! You guys are so loved- already getting tons of visitors. Helps ease the pain of not knowing anyone and trying to ease into a new neighborhood and new surroundings I'm sure. Looks like such a fun day

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