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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sunday we went to church in our new ward. It was great, but hard. Its always a comfort to know the church is strong & true no matter where you are. But I left feeling sad & lonely. Everyone was super kind, but I felt that rush of homesickness, & the kids were feeling it pretty hard too. After church Presley started crying for sweet Chloe, her best friend in primary. from there she cried for Avery & our house in Texas. I held her at the bottom of the stairs & we just held onto each other & I quietly cried with her. Her little heart was hurting. I went to bed with red eyes. Monday I woke up & the blues had followed me. Rod had been talking for about a week & a half about having a family that he met on base over for dinner & a swim. I was hesitant & really not loving the idea, but agreed.  Rod & I discussed our days plans at 6am & he sprung on me that the family ow;d be arriving at 10am instead. I wanted to fake a cough & play sick. Even as i got ready to meet this family "Brian Chamber's" Family, I called my mom & fussed about it. She said to just get ready & be happy that it would all be okay, I would have fun like I always do. I obeyed. I went down stairs & started watching out the playroom window for our lunch date to arrive. A car pulled up. I started looking carefully so not to be spied. I first saw a cute blouse & pony tail, but no face. & Then i saw the driver step out & I turned to Rod & said "that guy looks just like Brian Woolard."  Rod had a weird smile on his face, so I assumed it meant he agreed. Then i saw her, sweet Avery Grace. I screamed so loud Gabby heard me outside. The Woolards surprised the kids & I. It was the most wonderful timing & just what we needed. We hugged & cried on the walkway. My feet burning on the hot cement, but I just didn't care! It was so great to have people we loved in our house! It felt like home for the first time. We chatted & the kids ran around. We went to eat at the cutest little pizzeria in our new city. It was  delicious. We returned to the house & swam until we were ready for huge snowiness at the park just outside our neighborhood. We got sticky & dirty. Gabby & Brian let us keep Avery & Sutton for a sleepover. My heart kept skipping a beat from the joy I felt having those sweet children with us. They had picnics, ping pong & movies & then crashed hard!

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Kalen said...

I just cried with you! How wonderful!!

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