{Last day & first day}

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our last day in Arizona with my parents was filled with swimming & soaking in our time together. I was a hot mess. To be honest there was  not a single part of me that wanted to go to Nevada. Our new house has a pool, & is lovely, but you know what...I was feeling homesick for Texas & could have stayed with my Mom for forever. Happily. But it was time to move not the new house. The morning that we left for Nevada was hard. That drive I cried & cried while the 5 slept. We arrived & were greeted by our great friends from medical school. Audrey took the kids off my hands for a bit so Rod & I could go finalize house things. I still wanted to drag my heels. I wanted Rod to drive slower to the new house. I cried as we drove up, but as soon as we walked in & I started picturing our things in the empty rooms It was better. Not great, but better. Change has always been hard for me. We picked up the kids & Audrey went me home with sweets & flowers. The children loved the house & ran from room to room, getting lost & confused & laughing. Our first day ended with smiles.  

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