Saturday, May 03, 2014

The day started & ended outside. Those make some of my favorite days. The children, particularly the babies love being on the back porch with the water table & flowers. Presley picked a purple princess dress to wear today. I am loving how girlie this baby is. She loves mermaids right now. She totes around 3 itty bitty mermaids and a sea horse everywhere she goes. She loves wearing mascara & lip color too. At 10am we met up with our neighborhood friends for our annual lemonade stand. This is our 4th one. I love looking at the pictures from years past. (here is our first one.) Watching all these cute kids growing up together makes me happy. This year the block kids decided to donate their lemonade stand money to the Ronald McDonald House. It was their choice this time, & that's what they all agreed on. Ronda entered in the donation for the kids. Mine were beaming with pride that they helped, if even in some small way, a family with a sick child. We sold out really quick this year. 1 hour & the treats were all gone. No left over cookie bars, brownies, popcorn...nothing. After we cleaned up the stand we had some quiet time & then gathered up again as a block at the pool for pizza & the first swim of the year! The children were sun kissed & sleepy by bedtime. It was a full day. Its funny though...the best part of this day was when Presley, cooper & I blowed through straws at each others hair. The belly laughs were just the sweetest sound. It always seems to be the simple unprepared moments that are the most precious. 

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Kim-the-girl said...

I am so impressed with the kids generosity! Kudos to all of you for bringing up such tender hearted kids. It sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.

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