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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rod, We gave it our all. we tried didn't we?! but the cards were stacked against us from the start! You had worked the night before, & needed sleep when you arrived home. Maddox is in a fun stage of testing just how much back talk he can get away with & got himself booted from primary, Cooper had fallen hard the night before while playing with biggest brother & ended up in the hospital with a roughed up face/mouth. I hadn't slept because of said hurt baby.  It just was not going to work no matter how hard we tried. No mothers day nap, or breakfast in bed, or even dinner. We all ate a huge cake from costco, & that's just what had to happen. Its fine, they had a side of berries.  & Even though there were no cards or big productions its okay. Its okay because I know you see all I do. Maybe you can't tell when i have cleaned the bathrooms because you say home is always clean, but you see how hard I work with the children. I know this because not a single couples prayer goes said without you thanking Heavenly Father for me & the time I spend with our babies, & asking him to give me the strength & tools I need to raise these 5 up to love Him. Those prayers mean more than all the peonies or scrambled eggs in the world! Thank you! I can't imagine having a not so fantastic mothers day with any one else! Love, Yours

& these pictures pretty much fit our day perfectly...

 This year I made a little something for the kids & Rod for mothers day. I had worked on them the week before so to really put thought into the letters. I topped off the letters for each person with a picture I loved. After all...they are who made me a mother!

* just to reemphasize the lack of awesome this past weekend was... This is sweet baby Cooper in pain Sunday morning 3:45am

& again...13 hours later still in pain with my arm about to fall off. But ill hold my sad baby forever if it offers even a hint of comfort. 

& that's that!


Amber P. said...

Happy mother's day :) Only you would think to write your kids and hubby notes on a holiday to celebrate you! Hope your week is settling down a bit. loves to you and your gang!

Kim-the-girl said...

Oh Jenni! You are so good! I just want to be like you if I ever grow up.

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