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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Another lacrosse season is over. T gets better & better & really loves the sport. He wowed us this year with assertiveness & leadership! I love that he plays well with everyone he meets...wether its the kids on the street or a group of rowdy boys on a field. Tonight I took the 5 to T's end of the season awards & celebration at a local back yard style burger joint(love these types of places. the kids can be kids.) Its a bummer Rod could not attend because they recognized him for the time he spent coaching the team. The little ones played in dirt & climbed fences & T played football with his teammates. I loved seeing him free. Its much to often that he is on errand for me. He does it willingly but I could tell he liked having no responsibilities, no little siblings to watch after. I told him before we arrived that I would not ask him to help even once...that it was his night.  Presley & the boys loved watching big brother be recognized for his dedication to his team. Im so proud to be this kids momma. 
He is the best. 

(The pictures of super cooper below kill me. he was saying "cheeessseeee" all night. he wanted to be the star.  He has such a fun little big personality!  &&& Maddox was dog dead tired mid party. he found a nice filthy place to rest on the ground. poor sleepyhead!) 

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