{Fiesta like theres no mañana}

Monday, April 28, 2014

Here in Texas Fiesta is weeks of celebrations & fundraising, parades & festivals. The kids get out of school for a day in celebration of Fiesta. I have been told it draws more people to our city then Mardi Gras brings to New Orleans. Crazy! The weekend ended up being a 4 day weekend rather than 3 because of threats made to our district elementary schools.  There was so much hoopla about it before the actual day something was supposed to happen that by Thursday morning my boys were terrified to go to school. I knew many other moms were going to just keep there kids home just in case so I figured...what the heck!  but back to fiesta...just like years past we had a fun fiesta pot luck in the circle with neighbors. It was a lot of fun & we had lots to eat! The children put on their rendition of Frozen, the littlest M played Ana & man alive that girl can sing! & J was hilarious, he played Grandpappy (one of the trolls) & he really got into character.   The block kids have a new love for skateboards & photo bombing. Cute cute babies...all of them!  The guys snuck away early in the night to finish watching the game. No surprise there. The night ended with a certain neighbor nearly killing himself on 2 scooters. His poor wife! I say it every time...but...I love these people!


Kalen said...

Oh my... that baby and her pudge!!! HOW CUTE!!! Norah was a bean... But, I love baby pudge!! I love the picture of Britton and the mustache! We'll have to come on down for Fiesta next year. :)

allegra said...

Oh my! Dying over a few things... that babie's chunky thighs and chin. TOOOOO stinking cute. And that Dad on the razors. so dangerous i'm cringing! hahaha. Those things are hard to maneuvar as is. I always wanted to grow up on a farm far away from society with lots of wide open space but dude... THIS is the benefit of having a neighborhood! Friends. Entertainment. Laughs for the kiddos. So perfect.

allegra said...

baby's. clearly I can't spell today.

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